Simple & Scaleable Pricing

Pricing scales based on the volume of feedback you want to track
(online reviews, support tickets, survey responses, etc.)

LoopVOC Monthly Plans


0 - 1,000 pieces of feedback
$ 149 per month


1,001 - 5,000 pieces of feedback
$ 449 per month


5,001+ pieces of feedback
$ 1199+ per month

All LoopVOC plans include

blue bar graph charting 24-month historical data in Loop

historical data

Loop aggregates historical feedback data from online review sites from the past two years.


daily data refresh

Data is refreshed daily so that you have the most accurate view of customer feedback.

silhouette of multiple LoopVOC users

unlimited users

Invite your entire team to use and collaborate in Loop.

LoopVOC insights dashboards and reports in blue

insights dashboard & reports

Easy-to-use reports give you a complete picture of customer feedback across channels.

arrow up and graph

Auto-categorized trends

Loop uses natural language processing to categorize your feedback into common SaaS topics.


tagging & text analytics

Refine topics to improve accuracy over time.


GTM action
& impact analysis

Collaborative action features to track and measure the impact of VOC initiatives.

mobile alert

real-time alerts
& notifications

Get notified automatically about shifts in customer feedback that need to be addressed.

One-Time Text & sentiment Analysis

One-Time Text Analysis

up to 200 pieces of feedback
$ 25 one-time fee

It’s time to close the feedback loop.

Understand and act on feedback from your customers today.

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