The central source of truth for understanding customer needs

Multi-channel listening

Listen to customer needs in real time.

Connect feedback data across channels, with pre-built integrations, including online reviews, support tickets, surveys and more.
Multi-Channel Listening
Real-Time Alerts

Real-time Customer Insights & Alerts

Identify issues as they’re happening.

Discover instant customer insights from your feedback, and receive alerts when problems need your attention.

Auto-Categorized Topics

Understand the most common issues impacting customers.

Instantly quantify feedback into categorized topics to proactively understand how customer needs have changed.
Auto-Categorized Topics
Tagging & Text Alerts

Tagging & Text Analytics

Stop tagging feedback in spreadsheets!

Easily review and refine pre-tagged feedback—the more you tag, the smarter Loop gets.

competitor & industry benchmarking

Track and compare competitor feedback trends.

Benchmark customer feedback against competitors to put issues and opportunities into perspective.
Industry Benchmarking
Actions & Impact Analysis dashboard

Actions & Impact Analysis

Track the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Empower employees across the company to understand common issues, collaborate on solutions to overcome them, and measure the impact of these initiatives on customer feedback and sentiment over time.

Connect Feedback Where Customers Are Giving It

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