Platform Overview

LoopVOC unlocks real-time insights to help you build, position, and grow the best products.

Multi-channel listening

Listen to customer needs in real time.

  • Online & App Store Reviews Aggregate and analyze online reviews from any public site, from G2 and TrustPilot to the App store.

  • Quickstart Integrations Quickly connect feedback from standard platforms like Zendesk & Salesforce. Use Zapier to set up triggers that send feedback data to LoopVOC instantly.

  • Custom Integrations Leverage our open API to analyze feedback from any system, and push tagged data from LoopVOC to other sources including custom BI tools.

  • Embedded survey tool Collect and analyze feedback directly from LoopVOC.

Multi-Channel Listening
Auto-Categorized Topics

Text Analytics & NLP

Instantly identify common themes.

  • AI-Driven Topic Classification Automatically classify feedback text with custom topics.

  • AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis Automatically classify feedback text as positive, negative, or neutral.

  • User-Driven Rules Create custom rules to tag text based on keywords.

  • User-Driven Tagging  Add new topics and retag text on the fly to improve predictions and reporting.

  • Multi-Lingual Text Analytics  Classify topics from text in any language.

Executive Dashboards

Actionable insights from day one.

  • Executive dashboards Quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and threats based on topic impact.

  • Topic Impact Score Automatically calculate the impact of topics based on frequency and overall sentiment.

  • Benchmarking Compare strengths against competitors to understand your differentiation in the market.

Industry Benchmarking
Real-Time Alerts

Role-based Insights

Identify relevant issues as they’re happening.

  • Product Dashboards Custom views for product managers to see feature requests & product gaps in real-time. 

  • Marketing Dashboards Visualize customer needs to create positioning that uses the voice of your customers.

  • Customer Experience Dashboards Automatically surface trends related to onboarding, support, billing, and customer success.

Custom Reporting

Analyze data on a deeper level.

  • Custom dashboards Build custom views and drill in to see trends and keywords about specific issues.

  • Search and Filter Search and filter feedback by date, product, and custom attributes.

  • Segmentation Build custom segments to understand trends within unique customer groups.

  • Export  Export data to CSV or your data warehouse.

Tagging & Text Alerts
Actions & Impact Analysis dashboard

Actions & Impact Analysis

Track the effectiveness of your initiatives.

  • Unlimited users Invite your entire team to collaborate around the voice of the customer.

  • Alerts Automatically notify stakeholders when feedback has become more negative.

  • Action Tracking Create and track actions assigned to stakeholders to resolve issues.

  • Action Impact Analysis Measure the impact of product and GTM tactics on customer sentiment.

Connect Feedback Where Customers Are Giving It

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The LoopVOC platform provides a variety of capabilities to support your voice of the customer program.