Strategies for Customer-Obsessed Leaders

Hear from experts across the industry as they share tips and inspiration for embracing customer feedback to fuel Customer-Led Growth. Lauren Culbertson is joined by leaders from brands like Adobe and SalesForce and gets the inside scoop on tactics and strategies that work.

Industry Experts Weigh-In on Customer-Led Growth

How Data Can Elevate Customer Marketing

This episode features Kevin Lau, Global Head of Customer Advocacy, Digital Experience at Adobe

Lauren and Kevin talk about all things Customer Marketing and how the role can be elevated by using customer data in more strategic ways.Hint: Customer Marketing is more than just references and testimonials.
This episode features Diana De Jesus, Customer Success at askSpoke 

Lauren and Diana dive into the shared responsibility of customer retention and how the experiences you provide throughout every phase of the customer journey is critical to building relationships and keeping customers engaged.

Powering the Customer Experience with Context

This episode features Mathew Sweezey, Market Strategy at Salesforce

The Context Marketing Evolution is changing the way we think about Marketing and Customer Experience. Learn what it takes to become a high-performing and why staying connected to your customers is key.

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What Revenue Operations Can Teach Us About Customer-Led Growth

This episode features Megan Heuer, Principal HeuerB2B

Megan Heure joins Lauren Culbertson to talk about Revenue Operations, Customer-Led Growth, and the importance of shared data and visibility.

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SquadLocker Institutes a VOC Program to Drive Alignment and Growth

The episode features Jeanne Hopkins, CRO of SquadLocker

If your revenue strategy is focused primarily on bringing in new customers, you’re leaving money on the table. Hear how Jeanne is keeping teams focused on current customers to expand revenue and why a VOC program should be a priority for your team.

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4 Megatrends for B2B SaaS Leaders

This episode features Christine Crandell, President of New Business Strategies.

Priorities and expectations have shifted. While many of these changes may only be temporary, these temporary changes will have long-term effects. Christine Crandell urges B2B SaaS leaders to embrace a new way of doing business.

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