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LoopVOC helps companies use feedback to build, position, and grow the best products.

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How it works

LoopVOC is the customer feedback analytics platform built to help teams turn feedback into product growth.

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Centralize Textual Feedback

Automatically connect feedback from online reviews, win/loss notes, surveys, and support tickets to create the central source of truth for market intel.


Get Insights Instantly

Leverage out-of-the-box natural language processing for fast and easy insights about customer needs, competitive threats, and product gaps.

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Drive Measurable Results

Unlock real-time insights to build, position, and grow the best products. LoopVOC helps companies adapt strategies to address issues and grow faster. 

Meet the central source of truth for understanding your customers and the needs of the market you serve.

Automatically connect feedback across the places where customers give it.

Pre-built API’s integrate feedback & metadata across channels to create a central source. Aggregate and analyze feedback from online reviews, call transcripts, sales notes, and NPS in one place.

Instantly identify common themes and issues that need attention.

No more manually tagging feedback in spreadsheets. AI-powered text analytics and natural language processing instantly tag raw textual feedback with topics, sentiment, and operational data. 


Build product roadmaps that drive the biggest revenue impact.

Stop building features based on what you think customers want. Gain quick insight into the product gaps that are driving the biggest impact to growth and retention. 

Leverage role-based insights for Product, Marketing, and Customer leaders.

Pre-built dashboards identify real-time issues to drive product, onboarding, and marketing strategies. Benchmark your strengths against competitors, compare needs across segments, and get alerts to keep a finger on the pulse of what your market needs.

Create custom insights with data discovery and visualization tools.

Custom data tools allow data analysts to build ad-hoc queries and analyze data on a deeper level. Build custom views and drill in to see trends and keywords about specific issues.

Take action to improve customer experience and drive product growth.

Alerts automatically notify users about new issues and actions needed to close the loop with customers. Take cohesive action across product management, sales, marketing, and customer success to drive impact for your customers and your bottom line

Voice of the Customer Consulting Services

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to help them stand up and scale their Voice of the Customer programs. Contact us to learn more about our VoC consulting and contracted services.

Save time. Reduce costs. Increase retention.

Automate manual processes to save time and money, while gaining faster insight into customer needs. Save customers from churning faster and keep teams focused on strategies that will drive revenue. On average, LoopVOC increases positive sentiment by 5%. Assuming positive customers see 10% higher retention rates than negative customers, a 5% increase in positive sentiment would increase retention revenue by $1.3M per year.

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Your Data is always safe and secure

Protecting our customers’ data is one of our most important responsibilities. LoopVOC takes its commitment to safeguard this data seriously, making is a top priority in product design, system architecture, and internal processes. We’re committed to being transparent about our security practices.

Get Your Free Voice of Customer Reporting Template

Analyze customer feedback & strategies impacting revenue.

With so much changing daily, it’s critical to review all the feedback coming into your business so that you can react, reassure and redirect focus as needed.

This template includes customizable graphs and scorecards to help teams report on customer and market feedback impacting new revenue and retention.

  • Revenue Scorecards
  • Customer Feedback Summaries
  • Key Takeaways by Trending Topics
  • Actions Plans and Analysis

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