The voice of your customer comes from more than just surveys.

Customer feedback insights. Aggregated across channels, analyzed with AI in real-time, and delivered to SaaS leaders to drive better growth strategies.

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Unifying teams around the customer

Customer-Led Growth Starts Here

Unlock powerful customer insights in seconds.

All of your customer feedback together and analyzed in one place. AI-powered text analytics serve up customer insights so that you can spend less time searching for the problem and more time creating the solutions. And because our topic-modeling is out-of-the-box, and specific to B2B SaaS, your team can get started right away. It’s real time voice of the customer.

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Turn customer priorities into strategic opportunity.

No more guessing about what customers want. With visibility into the greatest risks and opportunities across the customer journey, your team can proactively identify issues impacting growth and build a collaborative customer program that drives impact for your customers and your bottom line.

Align your company around the voices of your customers.

Imagine a world where the customer experience is everyone’s responsibility. Better roadmaps. More compelling messaging. Stronger customer retention. And your customers achieve value faster. When all teams understand customer priorities, they can start collaborating on solutions to overcome them.
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Connect Feedback Wherever Customers Are Giving It

Get Your Free Voice of Customer Reporting Template

Analyze customer feedback & strategies impacting revenue.

With so much changing daily, it’s critical to review all the feedback coming into your business so that you can react, reassure and redirect focus as needed.

This template includes customizable graphs and scorecards to help teams report on customer and market feedback impacting new revenue and retention.

  • Revenue Scorecards
  • Customer Feedback Summaries
  • Key Takeaways by Trending Topics
  • Actions Plans and Analysis
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Drive real revenue growth.​

Listening to customers doesn’t just feel good. The result is real revenue impact. Companies that invest in voice of the customer programs experience 10x year-over-year revenue growth rates versus those who don’t. We’re making that return a no-brainer for SaaS companies by providing simple and scalable pricing.

It’s time to close the feedback loop.

Understand and act on feedback from your customers today.

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