AI-Powered Customer and Market Intelligence

Meet the central source of truth for understanding your customers and the needs of the market you serve. Loop helps SaaS teams unlock the real-time insights to build, position, and grow the best products.

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Loop is AI-powered customer and market intelligence to provide product, marketing, & customer teams with a real-time understanding of market needs so they can build better go-to-market strategies.

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Centralize Market Feedback

Automatically connect feedback from online reviews, win/loss notes, surveys, and support tickets to create the central source of truth for market intel.


Get Insights Instantly

Leverage out-of-the-box natural language processing for fast and easy insights about customer needs, competitive threats, and product gaps.

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Drive Measurable Results

Unlock real-time insights to build, position, and grow the best products. Loop helps companies adapt strategies to address issues and grow faster. 

Turn Customer & Market Insights into Growth Opportunities.

One source of truth for customer and market needs.​

Ditch the spreadsheets and stop focusing on anecdotal data from the loudest voice in the room. Loop turns hypotheses into indisputable data by automatically aggregating feedback from online reviews, call transcripts, sales notes, and NPS surveys in one place. Instantly quantify product, positioning, and sales issues to create a common understanding of customer needs across your company.

Automatically extract insights from textual feedback.

No more time spent manually tagging feedback trends in spreadsheets. AI-powered text analytics serve up insights instantly to ensure you are building the right products, positioning them the right way, and selling them in total alignment to the goals of your customers. Our topic-modeling is out-of-the-box so you can immediately identify opportunities and threats custom to your organization.

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Keep tabs on emerging trends to guide positioning.

The best product marketers know who their customers are, what they need, and how to bring those solutions to market. Keep a finger on the pulse of customer needs, competitive threats, and product gaps to position your solutions in the most effective way possible. Strengthen positioning with the words your customers use to describe how you solve their problems. Set the right expectations to guide the experience and outcomes a customer achieves by doing business with you.

Uncover product gaps impacting growth and retention.

No more guessing about what customers want. With visibility into the greatest product gaps by segment, you can prioritize enhancements with the biggest impact. Quantify product requests coming from sales calls, online reviews, NPS surveys and more to understand what features are needed most and how they should be communicated to build the most excitement in the market.

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Evolve strategies with the needs of your market.

With a common understanding of customer and market needs, companies can adapt strategies to address issues and grow faster. Leverage reporting to drive alignment across product management, sales, marketing, and customer success. With visibility into the greatest risks and opportunities, your team can take action to drive impact for your customers and your bottom line.

Connect Feedback Wherever Customers Are Giving It

Get Your Free Voice of Customer Reporting Template

Analyze customer feedback & strategies impacting revenue.

With so much changing daily, it’s critical to review all the feedback coming into your business so that you can react, reassure and redirect focus as needed.

This template includes customizable graphs and scorecards to help teams report on customer and market feedback impacting new revenue and retention.

  • Revenue Scorecards
  • Customer Feedback Summaries
  • Key Takeaways by Trending Topics
  • Actions Plans and Analysis

It’s time to close the feedback loop.

Understand and act on feedback from your customers today.

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