Use Cases

Product and Customer Marketing, Product Management, and Customer Success teams use LoopVOC to build, position, and grow the best products.

Positioning and content

Positioning & Content

Create messaging that resonates with customers.

The most effective campaigns are in-tune with customer needs and goals. Use customer feedback to guide marketing messaging and use positive feedback to supplement audience research for website copy and content.

Product Roadmap Planning

Use customer feedback to deliver high-impact roadmap features.

From feature releases to new product integrations, establish roadmap plans based on the priorities and expectations of your users.

Product Roadmap
Pricing and monetization

Pricing & Monetization

Ensure that your pricing strategy is tied to customer value.

Assess customer feedback regarding price point, packaging, and price metric to determine the impact of your current pricing strategy on retention and revenue.

Customer Experience Strategy

Drive strategic changes to customer experience programs.

Centralize customer feedback so that all departments have visibility into the challenges customers are experiencing with your brand or your products. And develop strategies to consistently improve and address problem areas, like onboarding or support.

Use Cases - Customer Experience Strategy

Voice of Customer Sentiment Analysis

Understand customer sentiment throughout their journey.

Understand how your customers are feeling about your product and their experience throughout the journey at scale. One view of how sentiment is trending across topics and touch points so that your team can align around what’s working and what’s not.

Voice of Customer Sentiment Analysis

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