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About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder helps teams collect, manage, and communicate data with their templated web forms and surveys. The nature of their business insists that they remain agile across Product, Sales, and Marketing. They are prioritizing customer feedback from online review sites to inform strategy and drive revenue.

The Problem

Ioana Glitia, Product Marketing Manager at 123FormBuilder, was struggling to influence the product roadmap in a meaningful way. Product Management was building roadmaps primarily based on usage or feature requests. Because their process was manual and focused solely on users, the team was not able to proactively align roadmap decisions to market needs.

Ioana knew that there were customer and market insights hidden in Wix Reviews, but without an easy way to bring it all together and benchmark against competitors, their team struggled to create a process that fostered collaboration or agility.

The Solution

123FormBuilder began using Loop to address both short and long-term opportunities. Loop collects and analyzes customer reviews so that they can benchmark their share of voice, identify what their customers value most, and capitalize quickly on competitive advantages.

Using Loop to bring all of their reviews into one place, 123FormBuilder is able to address several key priorities:

  • Increase competitive presence and share of voice on Wix Marketplace
  • Identify trending customer needs and use these insights to guide product, support, and marketing strategies
  • Identify competitive weaknesses coming from Wix reviews, and use the insights to guide product, sales, and marketing strategies
  • Reduce manual time spent aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing customer feedback trends

Strengthening 123FormBuilder’s Share of Voice Across Online Reviews

One of their primary channels for customer acquisition is the Wix Marketplace. Establishing a prominent share of voice on this platform — and understanding how their review strategy stacks up to competitors — is critical to driving revenue growth.

Loop allows 123FormBuilder to monitor review volume for their product as well as competitors, so that the entire team has visibility into how their presence compares to competitors over time.

There’s no question that establishing a share of voice across online reviews is critical. Without Loop, we wouldn’t know who our top competitors really are across online review sites, nor would we be able to see how our volume and sentiment stack up across key features and topics. – Ioana Glitia, Product Marketing Manager, 123FormBuilder

Benchmarking review volume and sentiment over time makes it easy for Ioana to align Customer Care and Product teams around the importance and impact of online reviews. The immediate benefits are that Customer Care can see the impact of their work and Product can use customer and market feedback to prioritize sprint and roadmap planning.

Identifying Competitive Differentiation for Sales and Marketing Strategies

123FormBuilder is also using online reviews to update their positioning and messaging. They can see how they stack up to competitors across key features and reinforce key value props with social proof.

This is huge for us. Loop saves us time and gives us the customer insights we need to guide how we sell and message our products, specifically against competitors. We can quickly arm teams with social proof and examples of how our product compares. Ioana Glitia, Product Marketing Manager, 123FormBuilder

Ioana uses Loop regularly to build and update content — from sales enablement to website messaging. When she identifies customer feedback that speaks to key product features or benefits over competitors, she uses this to create strategy briefs for sales and content teams.

Real-Time Understanding of Customer Needs

One of the biggest value-adds of Loop has been in the way it’s aligning teams around the importance of ongoing listening.

123FormBuilder is rolling out a new campaign that offers significantly reduced prices with lifetime deals, and there’s been a lot of fear that this offer could devalue their product.

With Loop, though, they feel confident that we will be able to track feedback and sentiment and make changes quickly if needed.

All good communicators read the press for 1-2 hours. If you’re a product marketer, Loop is your “aha moment” and should be part of your daily feed for tracking feedback and guiding strategies with the voices of your customers in mind. – Ioana Glitia, Product Marketing Manager, 123FormBuilder

Empowering Product Marketing to Influence Roadmap Decisions

With a single view of customer and market feedback, Product Marketing and Product Management are able to work together on roadmap planning.

Before Loop, product managers were manually combing through feature requests and form submissions to identify user needs. Now, this feedback is analyzed and tagged automatically and they have a more complete picture of what customers need most. Ioana can identify the biggest trends in customer feedback over time and ensure roadmap decisions reflect market opportunity.

Loop allows us to move past just building for the user. We can see market trends and white space opportunities and build our roadmap based on the greatest priorities and opportunities.” – Ioana Glitia, Product Marketing Manager, 123FormBuilder

Key reasons Loop’s VOC software has been powerful for 123FormBuilder:

  • They can easily measure their share of voice across online reviews and justify the importance of this channel.
  • They can benchmark their performance to their top competitors and spot opportunities for compete strategies and differentiation.
  • They can understand where customers are placing the most value over time and use this to influence sales and marketing strategies.
  • They can keep a regular pulse on customer feedback and respond quickly if issues or opportunities arise.
  • They can establish a better process between Product Marketing and Product Management to make better and faster roadmap decisions.

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