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It’s our mission to help companies embrace feedback to make smarter, faster decisions.

Meet the Founding Team

Lauren Culbertson Co-Founder CEO

Lauren Culbertson


Barry Simons

Barry Simons


Rob Culbertson Co-Founder CFO

Rob Culbertson

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What is LoopVOC?


LoopVOC is a Voice of Customer software platform designed to change the way companies use customer feedback. Forget what you think you know about Voice of Customer. We’re not a survey platform. We’re an ai-powered analytics platform that turns feedback into actionable insights. We are bringing together the feedback sources that matter to you (from online reviews to support tickets), using natural language processing and sentiment analysis to quickly analyze verbatim feedback, and serving up customer insights so that you can make more informed business decisions (from what you build to how you grow)

What is LoopVOC?

How is LoopVOC Different?


We provide out-of-the-box text tagging and analytics exclusively for B2B SaaS companies. No data training required. You integrate your feedback channel or upload your CSV, and we assign topic and sentiment labels to each piece of feedback. It’s that simple. And unlike many feedback tools, we’re focused on collecting cross-channel feedback so that you can get a full view of customer feedback trends across the entire customer experience.

LoopVOC Culture


We are an analytics startup. Data is at the heart of every decision we make, and we strive to enable our customers to use data in new and innovative ways. We are innately curious, radically transparent, and obsessed with feedback. We set aggressive goals and push ourselves to constantly evolve. We like to go after big ideas, fast—and we’re building out a team of highly-motivated people who like to do the same.

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Co-founder and CEO, Lauren Culbertson, speaks with experts across the industry about Customer-Led Growth strategies, and what organizations can do to harness customer feedback in more meaningful ways.

Mathew Sweezey Interview

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