Alerts Now Available in Loop

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This week, LoopVOC released an Alerts feature to give you more real-time visibility into customer feedback trends. You will now be notified automatically about shifts in customer feedback that need to be addressed.

Loop will proactively search for conditions daily, by product and by topic, and will alert you of the specific trend that needs attention. This feature will ensure that LoopVOC is not just providing you real-time access to customer feedback, but also monitoring trends for you.

Drill into Problem Areas

Once an SOS or Movin’ on Upalert has been sent, you will be able to drill into the customer feedback behind the trend. The Drill Into Trend link will take you directly to the Detail Overview Page of the alert. From here, you will see views of the feedback trend over time and specific keywords. [See if you have alerts that need your attention]. This will give you visibility into when spikes in negative feedback occurred and the most common words customers used when sharing feedback about the topic. Of course, if you want to see verbatim feedback related to the topic trend, you can drill deeper for additional context.

Take Action on Trends

Once you’ve been alerted of a trend and have context for what’s driving the customer feedback, you can create Actions to address. You can click “Create Action” directly from the Alerts or Details page. By creating an action, you can name the specific action your team will be taking to address the feedback and then track the impact of these actions on the feedback over time. This will increase visibility into the work you’re doing and provide your team with data to demonstrate the impact of your initiatives.

More alerts coming soon to Loop

We believe that technology should increase productivity, not create more work. With this in mind, our team will continue to roll out new features and alerts to help you work smarter.

  • Movin’ On Up
  • Needs Attention
  • You’ve Got Actions
  • Time to Retire?
  • Everybody’s Buzzin’
  • Anybody There?
  • Old News

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