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How to get buy-in and keep coworkers engaged in your Voice of the...

Getting buy-in for any new program can be tough.  Getting buy-in for a new cross-functional program is tougher. That’s what makes getting a Voice of the Customer program off the ground so challenging. VoC programs focus on driving company change based on customer feedback, and customer feedback comes from almost every department, whether it’s product management, marketing, sales, or customer […]

Measure the ROI of your Voice of the Customer Program [+Template]

Most SaaS companies know that listening to customer feedback is good for business. But many of us still struggle to take that feedback and turn it into action. That’s why Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs have become commonplace in both B2B and B2C software companies. These programs aim to make feedback more actionable by creating a systematic […]

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Needs-Based Segmentation

There are endless ways to create a successful growth strategy, from finding new markets to serve, to building new products to sell, to launching new channels to deliver value to customers on their terms. But the foundation for a high-impact growth strategy comes down to one core truth: knowing your customers and the needs of […]

4 megatrends for b2b saas leaders
4 Megatrends for B2B SaaS Leaders

Right now, we’re changing the way we work and how we connect. Priorities and expectations have shifted. While many of these changes may only be temporary, these temporary changes will have long-term effects. Christine Crandell, President of New Business Strategies, urges B2B SaaS leaders to embrace a new way of doing business. In an interview […]

Customer Retention Strategies
How to Drive Customer Retention with Resources, Relationships, an...

Customer Success has been a major focus for organizations recently. Specifically, how can we ensure that our customers are finding value in our products and services and that the value we provide is seen as essential to their business and success?  But ensuring customers’ success is more than just standing up a team or a […]

VOC Strategies for CX Leaders
Steps CX Leaders Can Take Now to Centralize Teams Around the Cust...

At this point, organizations everywhere understand that their only option for survival in the short and long term is dependent on how they evolve to support their people. The individuals that make up our companies and our customers are our lifeline. Ensuring that everyone has the support and resources they need to successfully evolve in […]

Customer-led growth
It’s Time to Shift to Customer-led Growth Strategies

Across B2B SaaS, many are pointing to the importance of implementing product-led growth strategies to ensure retention and revenue generation. In simplest terms, product-led growth means prioritizing product usage as the primary driver of acquisition, retention, expansion. And this type of shift makes sense. B2B buyer behavior insists that companies treat them more like consumers. […]

Closing the Loop on Voice of Customer Feedback

We’re all in the process of adapting. We’re pivoting strategies, halting plans, pulling back spend, reallocating resources, and rolling out new resources and offerings. This is all critically important work. Resisting change is not an option if we want to make it through this. We have to do everything we can to protect revenue, prevent […]

Customer Feedback Sentiment Analysis
Measuring Risks to Revenue and Retention with Text Sentiment Anal...

B2B SaaS companies are doing everything they can to protect revenue and prevent customer churn. Understanding what customers need and providing value quickly is always important, but right now especially. Teams must work together cross-functionally to both analyze and act on customer feedback in meaningful ways. Sentiment analysis of customer feedback is important to understanding […]

Voice of Customer Leadership
Embracing a Culture of Customer Feedback — It Starts With Leade...

Receiving feedback is hard. Embracing it as a means for organizational growth and change is even harder. The problem isn’t that we don’t want to improve or give our customers the products and experiences they want. It’s that we’ve created a culture that encourages defensiveness rather than humility. We’re often put in situations where we […]