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How to get buy-in and keep coworkers engaged in your Voice of the...

Getting buy-in for any new program can be tough.  Getting buy-in for a new cross-functional program is tougher. That’s what makes getting a Voice of the Customer program off the ground so challenging. VoC programs focus on driving company change based on customer feedback, and customer feedback comes from almost every department, whether it’s product management, marketing, sales, or customer […]

Measure the ROI of your Voice of the Customer Program [+Template]

Most SaaS companies know that listening to customer feedback is good for business. But many of us still struggle to take that feedback and turn it into action. That’s why Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs have become commonplace in both B2B and B2C software companies. These programs aim to make feedback more actionable by creating a systematic […]

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Needs-Based Segmentation

There are endless ways to create a successful growth strategy, from finding new markets to serve, to building new products to sell, to launching new channels to deliver value to customers on their terms. But the foundation for a high-impact growth strategy comes down to one core truth: knowing your customers and the needs of […]

Product Marketing and Product Management Strategies
Accelerating Impact — How Product Management and Product Market...

The best marketing is great products. Creating and delivering valuable products is why we exist as B2B SaaS companies. It’s easy to know and act on this as a startup. But something happens as we grow — functions are created, silos form, and collaboration gets harder. As a result, we end up with Product Marketing […]

Customer-led growth
It’s Time to Shift to Customer-led Growth Strategies

Across B2B SaaS, many are pointing to the importance of implementing product-led growth strategies to ensure retention and revenue generation. In simplest terms, product-led growth means prioritizing product usage as the primary driver of acquisition, retention, expansion. And this type of shift makes sense. B2B buyer behavior insists that companies treat them more like consumers. […]

Voice of Customer Playbooks from LoopVOC
The 4 Ultimate Voice of Customer Playbooks

We understand that Voice of Customer programs are important—that organizational alignment around customer feedback  is critical to continued growth. What many are still struggling with is how to build a VOC process and structure that scales.   But as demand for superior experiences increases in B2B SaaS, so does the need for organizations to develop strategies […]

Product Roadmap
[The LoopVOC Playbook] Using Customer Feedback to Drive Your Prod...

Building a product that stands out in the B2B marketplace has never been more difficult.  Competition is high. Technology is constantly changing. And customer expectations require innovation. Having a good product vision is critical to success. Keeping up with market demands means having a product team that is acutely attuned with how customers are using […]

Group of people coming together to form an arrow and show the impact of Voice of Customer programs
Five Key Reasons to Build a Voice of Customer Program

Every year, predictions circulate about the big trends that will change the game for SaaS companies.  The content drives clicks and inspires some new ways of thinking, but we all know that there is no silver bullet. We know that being singularly focused on one channel or activity won’t move the needle.  The more we […]

businessman using laptop with social media
How To Build A Voice of the Customer Program At Your SaaS Company

Over the past decade, there’s been a hyper-focus on creating business strategies centered on customer loyalty, needs, and success. From inbound marketing to customer advocate programs, organizations have strived to meet customers where they are and create products and services that turn buyers into passionate fans of our businesses. To achieve this, organizations have prioritized building […]

Product marketer evaluating SaaS pricing strategy
3 Steps to Evaluate Your SaaS Pricing Strategy

If you work in product, portfolio or solutions marketing, you’ve probably received this email a dozen times. You know the one—the one that says, “our pricing strategy isn’t working. We need to kick off a project to evaluate our pricing model.” Even if you love a good pricing project, like I do, this is an […]