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About DrChrono

DrChrono designs essential medical technology to make care more informed, personalized, interactive, and adaptable. With the outbreak of COVID-19, evolving how they work to best serve their customers became critical.

The Problem

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story when it comes to measuring a customer’s experience. Matt Kihn, Customer Support and Engagement Specialist at DrChrono knew that there were critical insights hiding in customer feedback across channels. However, uncovering these insights and identifying customer needs and opportunities was difficult.

Their team had been manually aggregating and tagging customer feedback from sources like NPS and Support Satisfaction Surveys to understand the biggest contributors to customer churn. They knew that getting to this level of understanding was important, but they needed a better way to get to the root cause of customer issues.

The Solution

The DrChrono team chose Loop to help them get to the meaning behind qualitative feedback more quickly. Support and Operations teams have been using insights from Loop to help drive strategy to increase customer satisfaction, specifically related to Customer Support.

Loop is helping us shine a light on areas that we suspected might need improvement, however, we didn’t have the concrete data to back that up. With Loop, we have concrete data now and we can better hone in on those areas that need improvement. It will allow us to better understand customer pain points and how we can better resolve their issues. – Matt Kihn, Customer Support and Engagement Specialist

Gathering One View of Customer Sentiment and Feedback

Already, DrChrono is seeing the benefits of looking at customer feedback holistically. Rather than focusing on single-channel sources, the team is looking at feedback and sentiment holistically.

Loop’s biggest value add for me in the engagement specialist role is allowing me to more easily view feedback in one place. We have feedback coming in from various channels (online, NPS, CSAT) and Loop is essential in aggregating all of that data so we can gather an accurate depiction of customer sentiment and trends across the board. – Matt Kihn, Customer Support and Engagement Specialist

With all of their customer feedback in one place, the team is operating from a single source of truth, allowing them to collaborate more quickly on issues and opportunities that arise.

Identifying Customers’ Changing Needs in Real-Time

Customer Support is one of DrChrono’s top value drivers and sources of positive feedback from customers. In March, however, they identified a downward trend in sentiment related to feedback.

Despite exceeding response time goals in March, customer feedback was indicating a changing market need. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the needs and the expectations of their customers were changing — the threshold for how long doctors could wait for tech support had narrowed.

With this data from Loop, DrChrono was able to turn customer feedback into quantifiable data needed to build a case for chat support, which they rolled out in May. Launching chat support allows DrChrono to provide its customers with essential real-time assistance during a critical time for medical professionals.

Already, DrChrono is beginning to see customer feedback sentiment trending back up and an increase in CSAT scores. This lift in customer sentiment is affirming to their team of the power of real-time understanding and response. And with the continued challenges facing medical professionals, this level of insight and understanding of customer needs will be more important than ever.

Key reasons Loop’s VOC software has been powerful for DrChrono:

  • They’re able to easily aggregate customer feedback in one place and capture a complete view of customer sentiment and needs.
  • The team is able to turn qualitative feedback into actionable data, providing the proof points they need to make strategic changes.
  • They can spot trends in customer feedback and adapt quickly to meet customer needs.

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