How BoomTown uses Loop to align teams around customer feedback

About BoomTown

BoomTown is in the business of relationship building. As a real estate technology company that helps agents, brokers, and lenders grow their business, customer feedback is a critical means for understanding what more they could be doing to help real estate brokerages build trust and close more deals.

The Problem

BoomTown didn’t have an easy way to consolidate and analyze all of their customer feedback in an actionable way. 

Without one, holistic view of customer feedback, they were having a difficult time being truly proactive.

  • Teams were spending too much time gathering information, reading verbatim text, and assigning sentiment.
  • They weren’t able to identify emerging trends, so they couldn’t respond to issues until they had become real problems.
  • Siloed process and feedback data made it difficult for cross-functional leaders to align on customer priorities.
  • Without context into the customer experience, they were unable to identify the drivers of lost revenue and customer churn.

We didn’t have a place where we could aggregate reviews, win/loss data, NPS data, and competitor reviews. We had to look at all of these channels independently, and this made it difficult to identify emerging trends or get ahead of problems. – Stacey Finnegan, Director of Product Marketing, BoomTown

The Solution

BoomTown chose Loop to consolidate and analyze all of their customer feedback channels in one place and establish a single source of truth for customer priorities. 

They integrated feedback channels across critical customer touch points, from online reviews to win/loss notes in SalesForce, so that they could the greatest risks and opportunities emerging throughout each customer touchpoint.

Cross-functional teams can align around a single view of customer feedback

With Support, Product, and Marketing teams all using Loop, everyone is now seeing and operating from the same view of voice of customer data. This removes any friction or confusion around what customers most want or need. Instead of dealing with conflicting data, they can collaborate on solutions.

When I tried to present trends before, it was difficult getting some of the other teams to prioritize it because their data was conflicting. But now I don’t have to convince them of the trends. They can see it for themselves, and they can see how the information is being aggregated and interpreted. – Stacey Finnegan, Director of Product Marketing, BoomTown

Competitive benchmarking uncovers opportunities for differentiation

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback in one place has been impactful beyond just getting everyone on the same page. Teams can now use customer and competitor feedback in more strategic ways.

By tracking competitor feedback in Loop, they’re able to arm sales teams with FUD more quickly, and in ways that may never have surfaced without Loop.

When a competitor has negative sentiment beginning to trend, I can immediately provide that information to impacted teams at BoomTown. For example, if a customer is thinking of leaving us for a competitor, the services team members are better prepared to save that customer from churning. – Stacey Finnegan, Director of Product Marketing, BoomTown

Shared insights create a more customer-focused mindset

Customer insights are being used to revise positioning, update product demos, and reprioritize the roadmap based on the areas customers are placing the most value. When positive or negative drivers are identified in feedback, this gives the specifics she needs to help guide sales and product strategy.

Stacey and her team have identified that a major driver of value and positive sentiment is related to services. This feedback gives her an opportunity to recognize teams and build momentum for a continued focus on service delivery. 

It’s making my life much easier (and my sales enablement manager’s life better too) when we can provide customer-proof. Customer feedback can now be our truth and focus from the start of the conversation, and gives us something to rally our teams around. – Stacey Finnegan, Director of Product Marketing, BoomTown

Key reasons Loop’s VOC software has been powerful for BoomTown:

  • They can analyze and understand customer feedback across channels.
  • They’re able to proactively identify and address emerging trends.
  • All teams are operating from one source of truth, so there’s no question about what needs to be prioritized.
  • They can benchmark their feedback against competitors and use this information to close and save deals.
  • Customer feedback has become a more critical piece to how teams operate and collaborate.

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