Use Zapier to Integrate and Analyze Customer Feedback in LoopVOC

Lauren Culbertson

Lauren Culbertson

Co-founder and CEO, LoopVOC

LoopVOC helps teams make the most out of customer feedback by automatically analyzing text for topics and sentiment.

From day one, our goal at LoopVOC has been to help companies better understand their customers. The first step of that process is aggregating customer feedback wherever it is being given, from surveys to online reviews to support phone calls and beyond.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce that in addition to our pre-built integrations and API, you can now analyze customer feedback from 4,000+ applications with our new Zapier integration!

Zapier allows you to create triggers to send feedback directly to LoopVOC, without writing any custom integrations or code.

For example, if you have feedback stored in a Google sheet, you can create a Zapier trigger to send that feedback directly to LoopVOC whenever a new row is created.

You can also use Zapier to…

  • send pre-labeled customer emails to LoopVOC for analysis

  • analyze survey responses in LoopVOC automatically

  • trigger insights from Slack channels to feed into LoopVOC. 

The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about our new Zapier integration, or get started setting up some zaps! 
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