New Salesforce Integration in Loop Offers Deeper Customer Feedback Insights

Salesforce and LoopVOC Integration

Using Loop’s Salesforce data connector, you and your team can now collect, analyze and take action on customer insights from Salesforce opportunity notes. This integration is another major step toward realizing Loop’s vision to reduce the reliance on surveys by bringing all forms of customer feedback into one place and offering valuable insights from the places customers are already sharing feedback on a daily basis. 

Now, users are able to analyze feedback collected in Salesforce Opportunity Notes and gather a deeper understanding of what drives customer purchase decisions. This integration will be integral to helping organizations uncover feedback trends to influence:

  • Customer Marketing Campaigns  
  • Compete Strategies
  • Product Roadmap Priorities
  • Packaging and Offer Updates
Early adopters of Loop’s Salesforce integration are already seeing benefits and taking action on uncovered insights. 

We’re now able to dive deep into win/loss and opportunity notes to understand the key features that are driving purchase decisions. This arms Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success with unbiased and critical visibility into the greatest value-drivers of our product. – Stacey Finnegan, Director of Product Marketing, BoomTown

This quick video will walk you through the simple steps to connect your Salesforce data in Loop.

For more information on connecting your Salesforce data in Loop, follow these steps.

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