New Segmentation Features in Loop

Lauren Culbertson

Lauren Culbertson

Co-founder and CEO, LoopVOC

As we head into 2021, it is more critical than ever for product marketers to step up as the growth architects for their products. There are endless ways to drive growth, but the foundation comes down to one core truth: knowing your customers and the needs of the market you serve.

Customer needs are changing constantly, and a cohesive segmentation strategy is critical to delivering value. This week we’re launching new content and tools to help product marketing leaders build a needs-based segmentation strategy to unlock growth by classifying customer segments based on a common set of needs and behaviors.

Check out our guide to building a needs-based segmentation strategy, including how to:

  1. Segment customers based on common needs and how well you’re meeting them.
  2. Identify shared characteristics within each segment using firmographic data.
  3. Define the strategies for driving growth in each segment.
  4. Adjust go-to-market tactics by segment including positioning, roadmap, and offers.
  5. Launch, test, measure, and refine strategies based on key performance indicators.

🔥 New Segmentation Features in Loop to help you target growth opportunities

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses

Quickly understand the customer segments with the biggest needs impacting your business. Loop now summarizes the top strengths and weaknesses coming out of your feedback, based on a weighted score determined by volume and sentiment. 


New Filters for Easy Segmentation

Loop is getting a new look as we gear up for more advanced segmentation capabilities over the coming weeks. Now you can easily save your filter options and create custom views that can be shared with stakeholders across your organization.

Save and Share Custom Dashboards

Create custom views to better understand each segment. Next week we are launching the ability to curate specific and actionable reports that can be shared with key stakeholders across your organization.

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