New Voice of Customer Reporting Template to Help You Track Feedback and Fight Churn

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Reporting on Voice of Customer is hard. But during times like these, especially, it is critical that teams are keeping a pulse on customer feedback and building strategies to address customer needs.

We’ve created a framework to help you identify the customer feedback trends that are impacting retention and revenue. Using this template will empower your team to react, reassure, and redirect focus as needed.

This template will guide you through the steps to answers questions like:

  • Why aren’t prospects buying?
  • Who are we losing deals to and why?
  • What do customers like/dislike about us?
  • What’s working/not working with our offer and positioning?
  • Why are customers leaving?
  • What are the opportunities to offer more value to them?
  • What common questions and issues do customers have?
  • Where do customers struggle in product?
  • What are customers commonly asking for?

Once you identify the root of your customers’ pain points, you can start building strategies to address them. We provide a template and guidance for analyzing the impact of the actions you take, too.

This video will walk you through how best to use the VOC reporting template and actions to take to start fighting churn and protecting revenue right now.

Download Your Free Copy of the Voice of Customer Reporting Template.


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