Simple Text and Sentiment Analyzer for Customer Feedback

Turn qualitative feedback into customer insights, without any of the typical manual effort required. The process is simple. Choose the data set you want to analyze, upload your file, and we’ll deliver the insights to your inbox in 24hrs.​

Text and Sentiment Analyzer with LoopVOC

Here's how it works

Our natural language processing (NLP) model will analyze and assign sentiment and topics to each piece of feedback text. Rather than having to read each individual piece of verbatim feedback, you can focus on the biggest trends surfacing in your feedback. 

Loop’s NLP model is trained specifically for B2B SaaS companies. Each piece of feedback will be tagged with topics such as Price Point, Price Metric, Packaging, Analytics, Product, Features, Service, Support, and Onboarding. Additionally, each piece of feedback will be assigned with Positive or Negative sentiment.

Customer Feedback Analysis Made Easy. Get started for $25.

Ready to uncover key themes and insights in your customer feedback? 

  • Upload your CSV or XLS file and we’ll deliver the results to your inbox in less than 24 hrs.
  • Don’t worry about formatting your data! Just be sure that the text that you want analyzed is in the first column.
  • Our model is trained specifically for B2B SaaS. We don’t recommend using Loop’s text and sentiment analyzer for feedback outside of B2B SaaS.

Customer feedback is everywhere. But the more feedback there is, the harder it is to get actionable insights quickly. See how our text and sentiment analyzer can speed up your process and help you focus on what matters most to customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you consider a piece of feedback?

A piece of feedback is considered one entry of text. This could be a survey response or notes from a win/loss call. One piece of feedback = one response. 

What if my feedback text is long?

No problem! Some customers provide a lot of detail (even better). Our focus is on helping you get to insights quickly. If the response is relevant and valuable, let’s analyze it!

Can a single piece of feedback be tagged with multiple topics and sentiment?

Yes and no. Each feedback entry can be assigned multiple topics. For instance, perhaps a customer responded to a survey and mentions loving how easy it was to get started and how much they enjoy working with their Account Manager. This piece of feedback would be tagged with topics for Product, Ease of Use, Onboarding, and Service. However, each piece of feedback can only be tagged with one sentiment label (positive or negative). The sentiment will be determined by emphasis. 

Can I upload more than 200 of pieces of feedback?

It’s $25 to analyze the first 200 pieces of feedback. If you want to analyze larger sets of data, you can do multiple uploads. Or if you want to analyze even larger sets of data over time, or across channels like Zendesk and Salesforce, we’d recommend Loop’s monthly subscription plan.

How will my insights be delivered?

After the analysis is complete, your results will be delivered back to you in a csv file with the sentiment and tags for each piece of feedback included. This makes it easy for you to further manipulate and pivot data to get the answers you’re looking for.

Can you help visualize the data?

We can! Our monthly subscription plan includes full access to Loop’s platform. Easy to use reporting tools and visualization of data trends over time. Interested in learning more? Let us know when you submit the form above!

What happens to my data after it’s analyzed?

We take data privacy very seriously. After your data is run through our NLP model and analyzed, it is returned to you. We do not store or share your data. 

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

In the simplest of terms, Natural language Processing is a field of AI that gives machines the ability to read, understand, and assign meaning to human language – like customer feedback. NLP makes it possible for us to analyze qualitative customer feedback at scale.

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