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Using Loop for Voice of Customer Sentiment Analysis

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What Is Voice of The Customer?

Voice of the customer (VOC) is the cumulative representation of customer feedback across the customer journey. Organizations that prioritize VOC are building products and strategies based on the wants and needs of their customer base. To do this successfully and at scale, organizations need to conduct voice of the customer sentiment analysis. As customer feedback channels increase the opportunities for customers to share feedback throughout their journey, traditional sentiment measurement tools fail to collect and analyze data quickly enough for organizations to respond.

By using tools for voice of customer sentiment analysis, your company can collect feedback from online reviews, surveys, CRM notes and more in a fraction of the time it would take manually. Conducting sentiment analysis in business is a critical component of a company’s ability to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the industry. Conducting a sentiment analysis of the customer experience gives insight into the most common problems and opportunities facing your customers. By knowing what customer sentiment is regarding your products and services, you can determine where adjustments are needed  across your marketing, branding, or product strategies to better serve your customer base.

How to Capture Voice of The Customer Using Loop

Loop offers your B2B SaaS Company with an out-of-the-box toolset that will let you know what customer sentiment analysis is for different areas of your business. Our platform collects and analyzes customer sentiment, meaning you have the data you need to act in real-time. We bring together customer feedback from various customer communication touchpoints, like online review sites, support tickets, and NPS surveys. This means that you can listen to common customer needs and quickly act.

Loop’s customer sentiment analysis is conducted using machine learning and natural language processing. Because our model is uniquely focused on the B2B SaaS industry, it becomes even smarter and more accurate over time, the more data it interprets. Customer sentiment for each piece of feedback is defined as either positive or negative, based on whether a customer’s needs have been met. The task of collecting and analyzing this data at scale would be nearly impossible to do manually, but with Loop, your SaaS company can quickly analyze and act on customer feedback to prevent churn and drive satisfaction throughout the experience.

Using Loop to Build an Effective VOC Analytics Program

With Loop, you can build an effective voice of the customer sentiment analytics program that can provide your team with quantifiable and actionable insights. Access to customer insight data empowers your team to make smarter, faster decisions for your customers and your company.

Loop can provide you with the customer insights you need to decrease churn and increase revenue. Whether your team has experienced a decrease in customer retention or is preparing for a new product launch, Loop’s real-time insights will surface the data you need to pinpoint the greatest risks and opportunities to your business.

Your team won’t need to expend resources to manually collect and analyze customer feedback. Loop can help you collect and analyze customer feedback data from disparate channels across your organization—for a fraction of the cost—and will deliver insights in a way that allows your organization to zero in on the key issues impacting the customer journey.

Loop offers you real-time insights and alerts that you can act on as soon as a problem arises. Our nlp model can auto-categorize topics so that you can see which area needs the most attention and easily benchmark against your closest competitor’s feedback trends.

Ultimately, with Loop, you can build an effective VoC analytics program that will allow you to optimize time and effort spent making sure your customers are satisfied when engaging with your product or brand.

Multi-Channel Voice of Customer Analytics: Deeper Insights, Better Results

Loop allows you to listen, analyze, and act on customer reviews and feedback across multiple channels. With all of this data, you can immediately focus on the needs of your customers and make more impactful decisions.

Using voice of the customer sentiment analysis reduces misalignment and gives all teams a holistic view of patterns happening across the customer experience. With one source of truth, organizations are able to focus on cross-functional collaboration to improve marketing, sales, product, and support strategies.

Using Voice of The Customer Analytics to Improve Results

Your first step in using VOC data will be to audit all of the key channels where customers are already providing feedback. The channels should range from online review sites to customer support tickets so that you have a complete view of customer feedback and sentiment.

Once you’ve identified feedback sources and collected this data in Loop, natural language processing and machine learning will auto-categorize your feedback trends. This will immediately surface the sentiment patterns occurring across your business over time. You’ll be able to see things like:

  • An uptick in feedback related to new product features
  • A decrease in sentiment related to customer support due to call wait times
  • A change in sentiment with the rollout of new pricing plans

After a trend has surfaced from the voice of the customer sentiment analysis, you’ll want to dig a bit deeper to understand if this is a topic that has been trending over time and the root cause. Once you understand the root cause, your team will be able to collaborate on the strategic actions needed to address. Collaboration tools in Loop make it easy to assign Actions and track the impact of your actions over time.

Loop can provide your SaaS company with the tools you need to create a more meaningful customer service experience.

You will be able to develop strategies that align with customer expectations and needs. By analyzing the voice of the customer, you’re making decisions with your customers rather than for your customers. Contact us to request a demo today!

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