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Group of people coming together to form an arrow and show the impact of Voice of Customer programs
Five Key Reasons to Build a Voice of Customer Program

Every year, predictions circulate about the big trends that will change the game for SaaS companies.  The content drives clicks and inspires some new ways of thinking, but we all know that there is no silver bullet. We know that being singularly focused on one channel or activity won’t move the needle.  The more we […]

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[SaaS Marketing] How to write more persuasive messages, faster wi...

Writing is hard. Writing to market your SaaS product is even harder. There are so many things to say about your product, but when it’s time to sit down and write, you struggle to find the right words. Or you end up with too many words and don’t know what to cut. Finally, your blood, […]

B2B Customer Reviews
Expert Tips for Building a B2B Review Strategy

B2B review sites have been gaining traction over the past few years, and we have consumer behavior to thank for that. SiriusDecisions calls this “The Yelp Effect.” Our customers want to know about their peers’ experiences with a product or service before making a commitment. As B2B marketers, we understand the importance of social proof. […]

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Why SaaS Companies Should Prioritize Online Review Sites for Cust...

We’ve been meeting and speaking with B2B product marketers across the space. In each conversation, we learn more about the various ways organizations are incorporating customer feedback into their business strategy. One of the biggest surprises that has come from these conversations is how few organizations are paying attention to customer feedback on online review […]

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How To Build A Voice of the Customer Program At Your SaaS Company

Over the past decade, there’s been a hyper-focus on creating business strategies centered on customer loyalty, needs, and success. From inbound marketing to customer advocate programs, organizations have strived to meet customers where they are and create products and services that turn buyers into passionate fans of our businesses. To achieve this, organizations have prioritized building […]

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Using Customer Feedback to Grow your SaaS Business

Intellectually, all of us in SaaS businesses know how important it is to listen to our customers. Our entire business model is predicated on our customers staying and growing with us, aka maximizing customer satisfaction while limiting churn. We can speak about the importance of delivering an outstanding customer experience.  We talk about our customers realizing value […]

Product marketer evaluating SaaS pricing strategy
3 Steps to Evaluate Your SaaS Pricing Strategy

If you work in product, portfolio or solutions marketing, you’ve probably received this email a dozen times. You know the one—the one that says, “our pricing strategy isn’t working. We need to kick off a project to evaluate our pricing model.” Even if you love a good pricing project, like I do, this is an […]