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How to get buy-in and keep coworkers engaged in your Voice of the...

Getting buy-in for any new program can be tough.  Getting buy-in for a new cross-functional program is tougher. That’s what makes getting a Voice of the Customer program off the ground so challenging. VoC programs focus on driving company change based on customer feedback, and customer feedback comes from almost every department, whether it’s product management, marketing, sales, or customer […]

Measure the ROI of your Voice of the Customer Program [+Template]

Most SaaS companies know that listening to customer feedback is good for business. But many of us still struggle to take that feedback and turn it into action. That’s why Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs have become commonplace in both B2B and B2C software companies. These programs aim to make feedback more actionable by creating a systematic […]

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Needs-Based Segmentation

There are endless ways to create a successful growth strategy, from finding new markets to serve, to building new products to sell, to launching new channels to deliver value to customers on their terms. But the foundation for a high-impact growth strategy comes down to one core truth: knowing your customers and the needs of […]

Product Marketing Communication Skills
The #1 Defining Skill of Great Product Marketers (What it is and ...

Latest research on the State of Product Marketing highlights the defining skills of great Product Marketers: Strong communication Collaboration Creativity and problem solving Strategic planning and business skills Empathy and ability to connect with customers Research and analytical skills Content creation and copywriting Above all other skills, strong communication was ranked as the most important […]

What is product marketing?
Achieving Greater Impact with Product Marketing Clarity

95% of Product Marketers reported that one of the biggest challenges they face is a lack of understanding of the role. The more conversations we have with Product Marketers, the more we understand how ill-defined the role really is across B2B SaaS organizations.  This lack of clarity is a roadblock to product marketers doing their […]

Three Components of Customer-Led Growth Strategy
3 Things Revenue Operations Teaches Us About Customer-Led Growth

The practice of Customer-Led Growth has been gaining momentum recently, with businesses working to create an organization-wide understanding of where, when, and how to deliver value to customers.  But what is Customer-Led Growth and how can organizations achieve this? Forget the Funnel defines Customer-Led Growth as a strategic approach that leverages customer insights to qualify […]

Voice of Customer (VOC) Meeting
4 Lessons on Starting a Voice of Customer Meeting at Your Organiz...

Marketers have a habit of losing touch with customers. In an effort to drive demand and build pipeline, marketers tend to place their bets on new business rather than existing customers. According to Jeanne Hopkins, CRO of SquadLocker, this means that we’re often leaving money on the table. [Watch the full interview with Jeanne here] […]

High-Performing Marketing Organizations
Four Steps to Becoming a High-Performing Marketing Team

Only 15% of marketing organizations are considered high-performing. This means that 85% of marketing organizations are still struggling to get it right.  But what is a high-performing marketing organization? And what is it that the other 85% can do to catch up? Mathew Sweezey, Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce, has been leading research to […]

Elevating Customer Marketing
Elevating Customer Marketing to Drive Greater Business Impact

Building relationships, driving engagement, delivering value, securing customer retention. These are all critical focuses for B2B SaaS companies, especially now. These activities are brand-defining. Customer Marketing plays an essential role in defining and executing on these strategies. Understanding this, we hosted an interview with Kevin Lau, Global Head of Customer Advocacy Digital Experience at Adobe, […]

How Sales and Marketing Can Collaborate for Customer-Led Growth

There’s a problem. We’re all aware of it. We’ve worked for years to overcome it. Despite our best efforts to address it head on, we often find ourselves in the same place, with the same issues, looking for better solutions. The misalignment between Sales and Marketing isn’t just a cultural problem, it’s a revenue problem. Both functions […]