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Product Marketing and Product Management Strategies
Accelerating Impact — How Product Management and Product Market...

The best marketing is great products. Creating and delivering valuable products is why we exist as B2B SaaS companies. It’s easy to know and act on this as a startup. But something happens as we grow — functions are created, silos form, and collaboration gets harder. As a result, we end up with Product Marketing […]

Proactive Pricing Strategies
Delivering Results with Customer-Led Pricing Strategies

When we talk about the need for proactive pricing strategies, it’s usually related to the need to optimize pricing before there’s been a decrease in revenue or sales. More recently, teams have been talking about pricing strategies in response to the economic impact of COVID-19. B2B SaaS Product Marketers are adjusting strategies to best respond […]

Customer-led growth
It’s Time to Shift to Customer-led Growth Strategies

Across B2B SaaS, many are pointing to the importance of implementing product-led growth strategies to ensure retention and revenue generation. In simplest terms, product-led growth means prioritizing product usage as the primary driver of acquisition, retention, expansion. And this type of shift makes sense. B2B buyer behavior insists that companies treat them more like consumers. […]

Customer Feedback Sentiment Analysis
Measuring Risks to Revenue and Retention with Text Sentiment Anal...

B2B SaaS companies are doing everything they can to protect revenue and prevent customer churn. Understanding what customers need and providing value quickly is always important, but right now especially. Teams must work together cross-functionally to both analyze and act on customer feedback in meaningful ways. Sentiment analysis of customer feedback is important to understanding […]

Must-have B2B SaaS technology
How B2B SaaS marketers can position their technology as a “must...

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the SaaS industry hard. While tech companies that sell remote work solutions are seeing increased demand, others are struggling to make sales. Earlier this month, SaaS companies trading on the S&P 500 were down 40% or more from their 52-week high. Meanwhile, key marketing metrics, such as organic traffic and […]

New Voice of Customer Reporting Template to Help You Track Feedba...

Reporting on Voice of Customer is hard. But during times like these, especially, it is critical that teams are keeping a pulse on customer feedback and building strategies to address customer needs. We’ve created a framework to help you identify the customer feedback trends that are impacting retention and revenue. Using this template will empower […]

Responding in times of uncertainty
How a Product Marketing Team Navigates COVID-19 with Customer-Fir...

These are unprecedented times and the economic impact touches all of us in B2B SaaS. For many, pipeline has stalled, customers have churned, and the scope of “critical tools” has narrowed. This situation has forced companies to look inward and reevaluate the value they’re delivering to customers through this time. Our responsibility has shifted from […]

Remote Team Collaboration
Anticipating customer needs in unprecedented times — 5 steps fo...

On top of adjusting to a new normal, many Customer Success and Marketing leaders are tasked with the survival of their companies and customers. COVID-19 has taken its toll on almost every industry, woven its way into each step of the supply chain, disrupting our work, our health, and our sanity. Yet, some companies continue […]

Voice of Customer Playbooks from LoopVOC
The 4 Ultimate Voice of Customer Playbooks

We understand that Voice of Customer programs are important—that organizational alignment around customer feedback  is critical to continued growth. What many are still struggling with is how to build a VOC process and structure that scales.   But as demand for superior experiences increases in B2B SaaS, so does the need for organizations to develop strategies […]

Steps for a customer-led pricing strategy
[The LoopVOC Playbook] Creating a Customer-Led Pricing Strategy P...

How we price our products is fundamental to our revenue goals. As a result our pricing model is incredibly important. Whether it’s taking a new product to market or repackaging existing offerings, we must consider customer value, competitor offerings, and our own cost structure when developing our pricing strategies.  Finding the sweet spot of maximizing […]