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Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Needs-Based Segmentation

There are endless ways to create a successful growth strategy, from finding new markets to serve, to building new products to sell, to launching new channels to deliver value to customers on their terms. But the foundation for a high-impact growth strategy comes down to one core truth: knowing your customers and the needs of […]

Building a VOC program on a budget
Quickstart Guide to Creating a Voice of the Customer Program

I started my first “Voice of the Customer program” with no budget and no resources.  I am using quotes because I didn’t set out to create something so formal, I just knew that listening to customers was essential for me to do my job well. I was a Product Marketing Manager for a growing B2B […]

Closing the Loop on Voice of Customer Feedback

We’re all in the process of adapting. We’re pivoting strategies, halting plans, pulling back spend, reallocating resources, and rolling out new resources and offerings. This is all critically important work. Resisting change is not an option if we want to make it through this. We have to do everything we can to protect revenue, prevent […]

New Voice of Customer Reporting Template to Help You Track Feedba...

Reporting on Voice of Customer is hard. But during times like these, especially, it is critical that teams are keeping a pulse on customer feedback and building strategies to address customer needs. We’ve created a framework to help you identify the customer feedback trends that are impacting retention and revenue. Using this template will empower […]

Remote Team Collaboration
Anticipating customer needs in unprecedented times — 5 steps fo...

On top of adjusting to a new normal, many Customer Success and Marketing leaders are tasked with the survival of their companies and customers. COVID-19 has taken its toll on almost every industry, woven its way into each step of the supply chain, disrupting our work, our health, and our sanity. Yet, some companies continue […]

Voice of Customer Playbooks from LoopVOC
The 4 Ultimate Voice of Customer Playbooks

We understand that Voice of Customer programs are important—that organizational alignment around customer feedback  is critical to continued growth. What many are still struggling with is how to build a VOC process and structure that scales.   But as demand for superior experiences increases in B2B SaaS, so does the need for organizations to develop strategies […]

Building a Voice of Customer Culture
4 Steps to Create a Voice of Customer Culture That Drives Loyalty...

“Voice of the Customer” has become a big focus for SaaS companies. Organizations are pouring resources into programs in an effort to prioritize customer wants and needs. As a founding team member and leader of a tech company, I know how important this work is.  If we want to build products and brands that customers […]

Group of people coming together to form an arrow and show the impact of Voice of Customer programs
Five Key Reasons to Build a Voice of Customer Program

Every year, predictions circulate about the big trends that will change the game for SaaS companies.  The content drives clicks and inspires some new ways of thinking, but we all know that there is no silver bullet. We know that being singularly focused on one channel or activity won’t move the needle.  The more we […]

B2B Customer Reviews
Expert Tips for Building a B2B Review Strategy

B2B review sites have been gaining traction over the past few years, and we have consumer behavior to thank for that. SiriusDecisions calls this “The Yelp Effect.” Our customers want to know about their peers’ experiences with a product or service before making a commitment. As B2B marketers, we understand the importance of social proof. […]

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[The LoopVOC Playbook] How to Improve Customer Experience Marketi...

What makes the difference between a customer experience program that drives revenue and retention throughout the customer journey and those that fall flat? Access to and action on customer feedback. Powerful customer experience solutions require real-time access to customer feedback. This feedback is the fuel of customer experience programs and initiatives. Without it, we’re making educated guesses […]