B2B Customer Reviews
Expert Tips for Building a B2B Review Strategy

B2B review sites have been gaining traction over the past few years, and we have consumer behavior to thank for that. SiriusDecisions calls this “The Yelp Effect.” Our customers want to know about their peers’ experiences with a product or service before making a commitment. As B2B marketers, we understand the importance of social proof. […]

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[The LoopVoc Playbook:] How to Improve CX Strategies with Custome...

What makes the difference between a customer experience program that drives revenue and retention throughout the customer journey and those that fall flat? Access to and action on customer feedback. Powerful customer experience programs require real-time access to customer feedback. This feedback is the fuel of CX programs and initiatives. Without it, we’re making educated guesses (at […]

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How to Measure CX in 2020

According to a B2B Marketing survey, two-thirds of marketers plan to make customer experience a priority over the next year. More than a quarter of those surveyed are prioritizing CX before the year-end to get ahead. The companies that are fine-tuning their customer-centric CX programs experienced strong revenue growth and ROI, reporting more than 2X return on […]

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How to Quickly Analyze and Act on Customer Feedback

Whether you’re analyzing qualitative NPS feedback or trying to understand what’s driving a dip in sales, the exercise we go through is the same—we roll up our sleeves and dive into customer feedback data.  Our first goal is to understand what customers are saying about our company and their experience with our products. In most cases, this […]

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How to Benchmark Your Customer Feedback Trends Against Competitor...

Competition tends to change faster than your team can react. Using Loop, you can keep up with your technical differentiation (and the perceived value of that differentiation) across your competitive landscape, so that frontline sales teams can proactively play offense and defense.  In this article, you’ll learn how to:  Search for your competitors and connect […]