Voice of Customer Software for SaaS Companies

A simple and affordable way to listen, understand, and react to customer feedback.

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There's a better way to monitor customer feedback

Now, more than ever, staying in touch with customer needs is critical to reducing churn and sustaining growth.

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Market research is expensive.

In the U.S. alone, companies spend $20B annually on market research to stay on top of customer needs. But traditional surveys are slow, expensive, and don't provide insights fast enough for SaaS companies to respond.

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Customer feedback is growing.

Customers tell us what they need in daily interactions, in places like online reviews and support tickets, but volume goes beyond human ability to analyze. Natural Language Processing helps, but requires heavy resources to build.

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Manual processes are too slow.

Manual processes for aggregating and analyzing customer feedback delays our ability to find the common problems, and shift company strategy to address them. By the time we get the data we need, it's too late.

Introducing affordable customer feedback analytics

Listen to feedback wherever customers are giving it.

Establish voice of the customer processes to better listen to customers, no lengthy integration process required. Loop automatically collects feedback from the places where customers are giving it, including both external sources, like online reviews, and internal ones, like support tickets.
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Understand common needs and issues coming up from customers.

Proactively identify customer issues impacting retention and sales. Loop uses natural language processing trained specifically for SaaS companies to identify the common issues impacting your growth, and help you benchmark issues against competitors to put issues into perspective. Because we exclusively work with SaaS companies, text analytics are available out-of-the-box, with no setup or training required.​

Adapt company initiatives to better serve customers.

Empower employees across the company to understand common issues and collaborate on solutions to overcome them. Loop helps companies proactively adjust strategies based on customer impact, by connecting feedback directly to product roadmaps, pricing, positioning, and brand strategies, and measuring the impact of actions on key performance indicators, such as customer sentiment.
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Drive real revenue growth.​

Listening to customers doesn’t just feel good–the result is real revenue impact. Companies that invest in voice of the customer programs experience 10x year-over-year revenue growth rates versus those who don’t. We’re making that return a no-brainer for SaaS companies, by providing simple and scalable pricing that allows.

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It’s time to close the feedback loop.

Understand and act on feedback from your customers today.

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