Salesforce and LoopVOC Integration
New Salesforce Integration in Loop Offers Deeper Customer Feedbac...

Using Loop’s Salesforce data connector, you and your team can now collect, analyze and take action on customer insights from Salesforce opportunity notes. This integration is another major step toward realizing Loop’s vision to reduce the reliance on surveys by bringing all forms of customer feedback into one place and offering valuable insights from the […]

LoopVOC NPS Survey Upload Tool
New NPS Survey Features in Loop

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an important metric to help measure customer happiness. The number by itself, however, doesn’t provide the context needed to analyze and solve issues impacting the customer experience. The real value is in the qualitative customer feedback behind the score.  Organizations can ask questions such as: How likely are you […]

competitor benchmarking dashboard
Introducing Competitive Benchmarking in Loop

We know that competition tends to change faster than teams can react. SaaS companies are continuously competing on their ability to respond to changing customer needs and keep up with technical differentiation across the competitive landscape.  That’s what drove us to build a new Competitive Benchmarking feature in Loop—to help you stay a step ahead. It’s now […]

post it pinned with light bulb drawing
Alerts Now Available in Loop

This week, LoopVOC released an Alerts feature to give you more real-time visibility into customer feedback trends. You will now be notified automatically about shifts in customer feedback that need to be addressed. Loop will proactively search for conditions daily, by product and by topic, and will alert you of the specific trend that needs […]

Loop concept
LoopVOC: Connecting SaaS Companies to Customer Feedback

Today, we’re excited to announce the beta launch of Loop — a first-of-its-kind Voice of the Customer software platform that provides B2B SaaS companies with a faster and more affordable way to collect, analyze, and respond to market feedback. Customer behavior is changing faster than ever. In the U.S. alone, companies spend $20B annually on market research […]